Our cross-cutting themes

  • Nicole Berry Global health, gender & reproductive health, maternal/child health, participatory methods
  • Mark Brockman Virology, T-cell immunology, pathogenesis, HIV vaccines & immune-based therapies
  • Susan Erikson Medical anthropology; ethnographic research; global political economy of health; global health financialization; digital health technologies; financialization of nature; desirable health futures
  • Maya Gislason Social inequities in health, eco-social health, planetary health, ecosystem approaches to health, climate change, intergenerational climate equity, cumulative impacts of intensive resource extraction, Indigenous health and wellness, community participation, Patient-Oriented Research, critical pedagogy, public health, equity informed mixed methods evidence building, interplay between human, animal and ecosystem health, governance, structural and epistemic justice.
  • Angela Kaida Global health, epidemiology, HIV & sexual/reproductive health, antiretroviral therapy
  • Kelley Lee Global infectious disease governance, cross-border health measures and border management, pandemic preparedness and response, globalization and health, commercial determinants of health
  • John O'Neil Global health, medical anthropology, Aboriginal health systems, HIV/AIDS & participatory research
  • Jeremy Snyder Public health ethics, medical tourism, vulnerable populations, health worker migration
  • Rochelle Tucker Social psychology, adolescent mental health, social determinants of health, research methods