Fall 2021 Showcase Photo Gallery

For the first time since 2019, some SIAT courses celebrated the end of the semester with in-person showcases. Explore the gallery below to see photos from our IAT 445, IAT 222, and IAT 202 showcases.

IAT 445 Immersive Environments (Images 1-25)

Students in IAT 445 created immersive experiences using virtual reality with the goal of designing experiences that contribute meaningful solutions to real-world challenges. This semester the VR projects tackled topics such as war, health, compassion, space debris, life struggels, prejudices, environmental degradation, and mindfulness.

IAT 222 Interactive Arts (Images 26-56)

Groups of students from IAT 222 presented a variety of interactive experiences that responded to the ways social media shapes and mediates our daily lives. The projects touched on a variety of topics within this theme including surveillance, data privacy and anonymity in chat rooms, reflections on neurodiversity, the consequences of over-consumption, endagered species, and more.

IAT 202 New Media Images (Imahes 57-77)

Students from IAT 202 hosted a film screening to present the short films that they created in the course. After the screening, awards were presented and audience members voted for their favourite films for the People's Choice Award.