Rogue Spark

By: Cameron Elless, Chell Li, Jordan Yuen, Dinuki Adikaram, and Christine Drummond
Course: IAT 410 Advanced Game Design

Project description: In the futuristic dystopian city of Ashbourne, Hiraeth is a hired mercenary who infiltrates the headquarters of the Esoterric corporation to steal the Book of Alchemy from the CEO, Nox Vale. Esoterric is known for their newly designed artificial forests that filters the rampant air pollution within the atmosphere. However, they are intent on replacing all natural forests in the process and selling their bottled fresh air back to consumers at exploitative prices.

Hiraeth’s client, Skye, grants him access into the building with a stolen employee ID lanyard. As he makes his way through their headquarters, Hiraeth will encounter unique challenges and heavy resistance from Nox’s henchmen. To progress further, he must find the elevator keycards scattered on each floor, while also uncovering hidden secrets about the Esoterric corporation and their dark past.

Are you skilled enough to make it to the top and stop Nox from suffocating the city under his iron will? Or will you be left choking on his artificial air?

Game trailer: