Third party sponsors/Indigenous or Metis Organization

Please ensure your sponsor submits the appropriate sponsorship authorization form no later than the tuition fee deadline for the term (second week of classes -- see deadlines).

Employer paying for your tuition ?

Students are responsible for providing their employer with an invoice. To print the invoice, please log into goSFU, click on the Student Centre tile, scroll to the Finances section, click Account Inquiry, click Downloadable Account Statement by Term, and select the term you desire. Please submit the invoice to your employer to initiate direct payment to SFU.

Any charges not included in the sponsorship are the responsibility of the student. See

Any charges that will not be covered by the sponsor/band are due on the regular tuition deadline, and if not paid before the tuition deadline they will be subject to a 2% per month monthly interest charge. Your detailed student account information is available on goSFU, click on the Student Centre tile, under Finances section click on the Account Inquiry link, then click on the Activity tab. 

Third party sponsorship forms are processed by the end of week 4 of the term. Sponsored students will have their tuition deferred on their student account reflected as "Deferred to third party".  An invoice requesting payment will be submitted to the sponsor according to the following timelines.

Fall term (September - December) Invoiced mid-October
Spring term (January - April) Invoiced mid-February 
Summer term (May - August) Invoiced mid-June

Please direct any questions about third party sponsorship to