Collaborations, Partnerships & Sponsorships

When collaborating or partnering with an internal unit or external group where SFU is the lead:


  • Use the formal version of the SFU logo or the SFU unit logo 
  • Reference the SFU collaborating unit names (in Barlow Condensed Bold) or partnership logos separately from the SFU logo 
  • For SFU collaborating units, display both elements prominently to establish connection and apply logo clearspace guidelines to unit names 
  • For partner logos, use SFU’s dark grey or reversed in white on a dark background to display the partner logo. Ensure the logo is 50 per cent smaller than the institutional SFU logo, and positioned outside of the SFU logo’s clearspace


Dotted line indicates minimum clear space below logo and collaborating units
Institutional SFU logo with partners - dark grey on a light background


Depending on the role of the sponsorship:

  • Always use the institutional logo
  • Ensure the SFU logo is the same size and weight as the other sponsorship logos
  • If there are multiple SFU unit sponsors, consider using the institutional logo 
  • If co-sponsoring units need to be identified, use the institutional SFU logo along with the co-sponsoring unit names, listed within a subheader positioned under the logo in Barlow Condensed Bold and left-aligned 
  • If more than four units are co-sponsors revert to the institutional SFU logo
  • The institutional SFU logo and subheader combination should not be considered a vertical logo lockup. It should only appear on the page of sponsors.
Institutional SFU logo on event sponsors page. This is the preferred option
Institutional SFU logo with co-sponsoring units names. Co-sponsoring unit names are listed in the subheader positioned under the institutional SFU logo. Unit names that become too long should break onto a second line. Leading on two-line units should be 115% of the type size. Leading between units should be 150% of the type size.