Using Carousel

SFU uses the Carousel platform to help you create campus signage that cuts through the noise on campus to effectively communicate what you want to say. This section includes getting started, how to create and submit a bulletin for consideration, and content guidelines to follow.

Content Guidelines

Before you submit content (static or video) for approval, please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines. If you submit content that does not respect the criteria, the channel administrator may contact you with feedback about how to modify your content to meet the guidelines.

Who can publish content on campus screens?

All SFU departments can use Carousel. Sub-departments (of any sub-set of a larger department) are not eligible.

External organizations are not permitted to display their own content on screens, except in cases where it is specifically addressed in an official partnership agreement with SFU. Departments can, however, publish content that represents a partnership with an external group (i.e., a joint event), using Carousel's on-brand, SFU- approved, editable templates.

Static content & video guidelines


  • Your content should be applicable to most students on campus
  • Content should be campus-specific. For example, don’t run a bulletin at the Vancouver campus for an event at Burnaby campus.
  • Regardless of the department offering the message, the focus should be on direct, casual, self-explanatory messaging that makes a clear, direct appeal to the reader

Number of live bulletins

  • Please limit your department to a maximum of two live bulletins at a time


  • Copy should respect SFU's editorial style guide
  • Less is more. When crafting your message, appeal directly to the reader and be brief to be memorable.
  • Ensure your message is clear and contains the important information. For example, rather than writing "Summer celebration: July 10, Convocation Mall" you might write "Join us for a summer campus celebration: Open to students, faculty and staff. Free food and games! July 10, Convocation Mall."

Look & feel

  • Carousel uses pre-loaded, editable templates that simply require you to swap out text and images. Please do not pre-design your content outside of the system.


  • You must pre-size your background image to 1920px by 1080px before uploading it to a Carousel template
  • Ensure that your image spans the entire 1920px by 1080px as opposed to using, for example, a square image with empty space beside it
  • Don't add text to your background image. Instead, use the editable text field within the templates to convey your message.

Use of logos

  • Don’t add additional departmental, event or external logos to the bulletins you create in Carousel
  • The screen templates don't include the SFU logo, which is the standard for campus screens and cannot be changed

Use of URLs

  • Is your bulletin driving viewers to a webpage? We recommend using website homepage URLs only as it’s relatively brief and memorable. Content should be linked to/visible on your homepage for users to find it quickly.
  • Links must be from official SFU websites and include “www”
  • Avoid URL “shorteners” that tend to produce difficult-to-recall strings of characters that can't be memorized/written down in the time available


  • Submitted content will run for a maximum of two weeks to ensure that the screens continue to engage students
  • A bulletin can be run a maximum of two times per semester and must have an interval of at least two weeks between runs
  • Content is reviewed for approval three times a week, so your bulletin will be published within two business days from when you submit it 

Video-specific guidelines

Video content must also be directly applicable to most students on campus. Clips promoting a specific subject area will not be approved.

Content must follow all the general guidelines above and the video specifications below for approval.

Send video files one week prior to their desired publication date to:

Video specifications

  • Length: 15 seconds or less
  • Fonts: For any text, use SFU's official font, Barlow
  • Colours: If using a colour under/behind text, use SFU Red – #A6192E
  • Sound: The screens don’t support sound 
  • Title cards: Colour matte behind text/animation cannot be white, as this is reserved for emergency alert bulletins