Using Carousel

SFU uses the Carousel platform to help you create campus signage that cuts through the noise on campus to effectively communicate what you want to say. This section includes getting started, how to create and submit a bulletin for consideration, and content guidelines to follow.

Create & Schedule a Bulletin

1. Log in to Carousel with the username and password you were provided by Communications & Marketing

2. Under the “Zone” dropdown, select “Zone A: Template Library” 

3. Click “New Bulletin”

4. Select the template that best matches your content

5. Under “Bulletin Name,” re-name your content. Include your department name and something to describe the content, e.g., "Faculty of Health Sciences, Open House"

6. Click the “Magnifying Glass” icon next to the Main Image and replace it with your own image

7. Your image must be pre-sized to 1920px by 1080px. You can easily crop your image to those dimensions at

8. Depending on which editable text fields your chosen template includes (e.g., Title Text and Details Text), highlight the text within them and replace with your own

9. Once you've created your bulletin, click on the “Schedule” tab. It will then be highlighted in orange, indicating that you're in the right place.

10. Un-check the “Always Active” button

11. Select the two-week period (or less) over which you'd like your bulletin to appear. Scheduled bulletins will be approved within two business days. Keep in mind that a bulletin can only run twice per semester and must have at least a two-week interval between runs.

12. Specify any preferred times and days 

13. Click “Submit”