Using LiveWhale

SFU uses the LiveWhale platform to manage listings on the SFU Events Calendar. Use it to create listings for your events and share the details and links to them on the main SFU Events Calendar, your website and social media. 

Need help?

For general LiveWhale support, including onboarding and content strategy, contact Contact with any technical questions.

Create a New Event

Once you have your account:

Add a new event

On your main events page, click “+ Add new”.

Add images

All events must have images. Please don’t use random web images. If you don’t have an image for your event, use one from SFU C&M's stock library. Avoid images with text as the additional information is not accessible and can distract your audience.

Image specifications:

  • Image dimensions: Use at least 2160 x 1080px (2:1 ratio) image. A 2:1 ratio image is a horizontal image twice as wide as it is tall.
  • Accepted file types: JPEG, PNG or BMP
  • Image file size: Up to 10MB

To add an image, follow these steps:

1. Click inside the “Add/change images” widget to upload an image. Your images will be added to a gallery that is unique to your department.

2. Select “Decoration only” if you don’t need your image to convey any information

3. If you want this image to appear only as the thumbnail and not in the main event description, select “Use for thumbnail only”

4. Save all changes

5. To create an event title, replace the red text with a concise and informative title