Getting Started

Get started with social media at SFU. Consider your high-level goals and decide whether or not you need your own social media account. Follow our easy process for getting set up with an account and SFU-branded avatar.

Getting an Account

Once you have the go ahead from your manager, and have planned your social media strategy, getting a social media account is straightforward. Here’s our recommended process:

  1. Get your manager’s approval
  2. Schedule a consult! Speak with a member of the C&M team to learn about what's required to run a high performing social media account, as well as receive helpful tools and templates:
  3. Familiarize yourself with social media best practices to hit the ground running with your new accounts and begin building an audience from day one
  4. There are lots of social media tools out there. We recommend using Hootsuite to manage your social posts and messages.

Request a Hootsuite account

Official SFU faculties and departments are eligible to purchase a Hootsuite Enterprise account from Communications & Marketing. Typically this ends up being less expensive and more advantageous than purchasing another social media management tool on your own. If you are interested in signing up for a Hootsuite Enterprise account, or would like to learn more about if the tool is right for you, please email:

Need Hootsuite support?

Please refer to the Hootsuite Help Center or sign up for the free courses offered in Hootsuite Academy to learn more about how to use Hootsuite.