Using Eventbrite

If your event requires tickets and/or assigned seating you must set up an Eventbrite registration page. If your event does not require registration, tickets or assigned seating, please use LiveWhale to promote it.

Note: You must copy the event to LiveWhale to add it to the SFU Events Calendar. Events hosted through Eventbrite will not be automatically added to the SFU Events Calendar. 

Create a New Account

If you're an official SFU department or faculty and don’t have an Eventbrite account, complete a request form to gain access. This form will set up accounts for both LiveWhale and Eventbrite at the same time. 

complete a request form

Important considerations:

  • Due to privacy legislation, attendees don’t have to use Eventbrite to register for events. This means you should provide an alternative method of registration.
  • Eventbrite data is stored on U.S. servers. Learn more about collecting personal information through the Eventbrite platform through the SFU Privacy Office.