Logo Types

Institutional logo

Use the institutional SFU logo on internal and external brand applications that communicate the university’s schools, administration and services.


Using the institutional logo

The SFU logo should appear on its own without any additional taglines, calls-to-action or other copy attached.

Within British Columbia, use the logo without the full name of the university.

For communication within British Columbia

For communication outside of British Columbia, use the logo with the full name of the university. If this is not possible, incorporate the text "Simon Fraser University" into a prominent headline, title or subtitle somewhere close to the logo.

For communication outside British Columbia

Academic logo

There are two types of academic SFU logos: formal and informal. 

Formal academic logos:

  • Are given to each unit
  • Are used for communications that require an understanding of the operational function of the unit and/or official communications
  • Are available in single and two-level versions when sub-units need to be identified
  • Are available in horizontal and vertical versions
  • Vertical versions can have the unit name run over two-to-three lines if needed
  • Colour options follow the institutional logo options
Single-level horizontal version
Single-level vertical
Two-level horizontal version

Informal academic logos:

  • Are available for use at the discretion of deans, for communications that don’t need an understanding of the operational unit
  • Are intended as simple subject matter identifiers
  • Can be requested from once your dean has approved
  • Colour options follow the institutional logo options
Single-line horizontal
Two-line horizontal

Extension logos

Extension logos are for key initiatives that sit alongside the core academic offering whose activities centre around engagement. They use the institutional logo alongside a custom wordmark.

Associated logos

Associated logos are for entities connected with SFU that wish to use some element of SFU branding but fall outside the direct oversight of SFU Communications & Marketing. 

Campus support services 

The institutional SFU logo is used for day-to-day functional support services on campus. Unit identification appears separately. 

Unit identification appears separately from the institutional logo

Student success services

The informal logo style can be used to identify core services that support students. The use of these informal logos is at the discretion of the vice-provost, students and international.

Coat of arms

The university’s coat of arms (sometimes called the crest) is limited to specific formal uses:

  • Degree and certificate parchments, and their frames and folders
  • A special line of high-end commemorative gifts from the SFU Bookstore
  • Formal communications from the president, senate, chancellor and the board of governors


  • The coat of arms is restricted to formal and ceremonial use
  • No other version of the coat of arms may be used. The coat of arms colours are protected by copyright.

Get approval:

SFU Communications & Marketing and VP, Legal Affairs must always approve the use of the coat of arms. Contact for approval.