Launch & Maintenance

There are several steps that you need to complete in order to prepare your website for launch.

1. Preparing for Your Site Launch 

Site Administrators and Authors need to complete the following process prior to submitting a request to launch:

  1. Check all site content for accuracy and completeness, particularly:

    1. Copy - is it accurate and error-free?
    2. Images - are they uploaded to the DAM and displaying correctly?
    3. Links - are they linking to correct URLs?
    4. Calls to action - are they clear, concise and descriptive?
    5. Accessibility - are you following best practices?
    6. Brand - is your site compliant?
    7. Devices - does your site display well on mobiles and tablets?
  2. Activate all content to be viewable by site visitors, including all digital assets, i.e. images, PDF documents, tags, etc. and pages. See activating AEM assets and activating AEM pages for more information.
  3. Preview your site to check for typos, missing images, broken links, etc.
  4. Ensure all necessary stakeholder approvals have been achieved. 

Note: It is important to activate all of the pages to be viewable by site visitors, including the Site Configuration page. For the horizontal navigation to work properly, the Site Configuration page must be activated. 

2. Co-ordinating Your Site Launch

Once you have completed the launch checklist, you can submit a request to launch.

Please submit your request at least 10 working days prior to your desired launch date. This is to allow for the proper reviews to occur. 

The process:

  1. Submit your launch request
  2. The C&M team will complete a user experience and brand review to ensure that your website meets design guidelines and offers a positive browsing experience. As part of this review, any issues or required changes will be shared.
  3. Implement any design or user experience changes.
  4. Once all recommended changes have been implemented, your ticket will be sent to ITS to perform a technical check. As part of this review, any issues or required changes will be shared.
  5. Resolve any technical issues.
  6. Site is ready for launch.

3. Post-Launch Testing

As soon as your site launches, you should do another test to check that:

  • Content (images and copy) - appears exactly as it did on the production site
  • Files - are present and downloadable
  • Links aren't broken

If there are any issues that you can't fix in AEM, please contact the IT Services team.

4. Stay engaged and grow your AEM skills

The AEM Community of Practice on MS Teams is a great resource to engage with other AEM site owners and authors. You can post any questions you have and get feedback from the community. Upcoming training opportunities, AEM technical updates and announcements are also shared within this channel.