Getting Started

Get started with social media at SFU. Consider your high-level goals and decide whether or not you need your own social media account. Follow our easy process for getting set up with an account and SFU-branded avatar.

Why Have an Account?

Anyone at SFU can have a social media account. However, only official departments, faculties, and partner organizations receive SFU-branded avatars and cover images. If you are considering setting up a social media account, here are some things to consider:

  • What are your goals and how can social media help you achieve them?
  • Can you commit the time needed to build a community on social media, or would partnering with an existing SFU social media account be a better way to achieve your goals? 
  • Consider building partnerships and collaborating with units or departments who already have reach, influence, and established communities. Research partners you might have things in common with and who share a similar audience. For example, if you’re a small research unit in the Faculty of Arts, working with FASS communications might help you reach your community faster than setting up your own account.
  • If you do decide to create a new social media account, do you have buy-in for the time, resources, and skills training needed to successfully manage a social media account, create engaging content, and build community?