Using Carousel

SFU uses the Carousel platform to help you create campus signage that cuts through the noise on campus to effectively communicate what you want to say. This section includes getting started, how to create and submit a bulletin for consideration, and content guidelines to follow.

Check the Status of a Bulletin

Follow these steps to check the status of a submitted bulletin:

1. Log in to Carousel and navigate to the screen (or “Zone”) you submitted your bulletin to

2. Check the status. If you named your bulletin, use the search bar to pull it up quickly

3. Your bulletin will show up in the “Active” or “Upcoming” tabs once it's been approved


It's been more than two days, and my bulletin is still in the unapproved section.

  • If something on your bulletin needs updated before it can be published, we will send an email to the address associated with your Carousel account (it’s usually the same as your login). If you haven't checked that email lately, log in to see if there's an email from us. 
  • Bulletins in the Template Library (Zone A) aren't reviewed. Make sure that you've copied your bulletin to one of the submission zones

I submitted my bulletin to the “All campuses” zone, why don't I see it in the specific campus zones?

  • You only need to submit to the specific zones if you are targeting one or two campuses with your bulletin. As “All campuses” covers the three other zones, your bulletin doesn't need to be duplicated in them.