Choosing An Email Platform

Outlook and Campaigner are the only two email platforms approved for use at SFU at this time. Learn the differences between them, and which is the best choice for your department’s email needs.

If you want to use a different, non-approved email marketing platform, a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is required. To learn more about FIPPA and the PIA submission process, visit the Archives and Records Management website.

Why choose Campaigner?

Does your department regularly send email newsletters to your contacts? Campaigner is a full-featured tool for creating, scheduling and monitoring your email campaigns. Consider using Campaigner if you want basic email features plus more advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Creating HTML email newsletters
  • Scheduling email distribution
  • Managing contact lists and newsletter signup forms
  • Tracking audience metrics such as the open or click-through rates of your email newsletters
  • Carrying out A/B testing
  • Giving multiple people on the same team access to email data

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Why choose Outlook?

Consider using Outlook / SFU Mail if your email isn’t a newsletter or part of a larger campaign and you don’t need to track metrics. It’s a great option if you simply want to send your email quickly and reliably. 

While it lacks a lot of the email marketing tools that make Campaigner a valuable tool, Outlook is fast and reliable. You should use Outlook if your message is time-sensitive and you wish to avoid the potential delays Campaigner sometimes experiences.

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Know the laws when sending emails

Canada's anti-spam legislation (CASL) is the federal law dealing with spam and other electronic threats. Learn more about how to follow the law when sending emails and storing personal data, such as email addresses.

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