Getting Started

Learn about the process to get a new website or upgrade your existing site, as well as what you need to consider when planning your website project. 

Get a Brand-New Site or Upgrade Your CLF2 Site

If you don’t have an existing AEM website then you will need to request a new CLF4 site. As part of this process, you will need to consider your site’s goals and purpose, as well as information architecture (site structure) and content.  

A similar process needs to occur if you are requesting to upgrade your older CLF2 website (vertical template with navigation on the left-side only) to the latest CLF4 template, as this requires a complete re-build. The major difference being that a CLF2 to CLF4 website project usually requires a content audit to be completed on the current site before the web project can start.  

A content audit will allow you to review what information you are currently sharing, identify what can be removed and/or what new content needs to be created. It is strongly recommended that a content audit occur on your existing site as part of your project.

Process for requesting a new website or CLF2 upgrade

  1. Submit the AEM Website Request form indicating “I am requesting a new website” or “I need to update my CLF2 (vertical template) website to the new CLF4 template”. If you have a website strategy, please include this in the ticket.
  2. The C&M Web Team will reach out to schedule an initial chat with you regarding your website project. In this meeting we will discuss your website goals and purpose, key audiences, top user tasks and any other major considerations.
  3. You will be responsible for finalizing your website strategy and establishing your information architecture (IA). When this has been completed, notify the C&M Web Team for a follow-up meeting to explore your content structure.
  4. Once the IA is ready, your new website will be provisioned.
  5. You will be responsible for building and designing your pages and adding content. The C&M Web Team is available to provide design guidance during this process and can provide designs for 1-2 pages. There are also design resources to assist in the process.

    Note: Please reach out to the C&M Web Team during your website build for a check-in. The Team is more than happy to provide feedback and support throughout this process. The check-in is highly recommended to avoid delays during the launch review process.
  6. Once your website is fully built and ready for launch, a Launch Request can be submitted. Please allow at least 10 working days before your desired launch date to accommodate time for review and feedback. As part of the launch process, your site will undergo a brand and user experience review, as well as a technical check.

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