Media Training

Get support and tips for sharing your story and speaking with the media.

Giving an Interview

Learn how to effectively deliver information or be interviewed on camera to build SFU’s image and manage its reputation.

Know your key messages

Aim to develop three to four main messages to be used when answering media questions.

Make sure your messages

  • Cover the most important thing(s) you want to get across to the interviewer
  • Are short and to the point (one to two sentences per message)
  • Are direct and action-oriented
  • Support SFU’s main priorities
  • Are in positive and conversational language
  • Don’t ignore the elephant in the room (controversial hot topic), because you’ll be asked about it
  • Are supported by facts, examples or interesting anecdotes
  • Instill trust in the audience

Move from high-level to personal

Provide a high-level perspective on the trend you discuss and its impact. Then share a local or personal experience to connect the audience to the story.

  • Anecdotes are great especially when sharing good news
  • Be authentic, smile and show excitement when appropriate
  • Keep it simple and focus on what’s unique