Getting Started

Get started with social media at SFU. Consider your high-level goals and decide whether or not you need your own social media account. Follow our easy process for getting set up with an account and SFU-branded avatar.

Getting Avatars & Cover Images

How to get an SFU avatar for social media

An SFU-branded avatar (a digital representation of your unit/department online) adds credibility to your social media channels. It enables you to lean on SFU’s brand awareness to build your audience and become part of SFU’s social media community.

A branded avatar also enables us to maintain a consistent SFU look and feel on social through the use of SFU colours, typography, title bars, ad other brand elements. 

Selecting a social media cover image

Branded cover images have a prominent presence on all social channel homepages. They are a great way showcase unique projects, events and learning experiences involving SFU students, faculty, and researchers.

Learn more about cover images