Need a PowerPoint, letterhead template or email signature? Download some of our most common templates below.

Check out our social media tools for avatars, cover images and ads and organic post templates.

Zoom virtual backgrounds

Choose from a variety of our formal and informal branded Zoom virtual backgrounds for your digital learning, meetings and more. Our virtual backgrounds are optimized for desktops, laptops and iOS devices and available in horizontal and vertical orientation to suit your screen. Learn how to use virtual backgrounds in the how-to guide.

Zoom virtual background template

This InDesign template is intended for designers who can customize the background and name plate. Detailed instructions are in the pasteboard of the template. 

Common templates


Prepare on-brand visuals for your next presentation by using the SFU PowerPoint template.

PowerPoint template - widescreen


Write a letter using our branded letterhead.

Letterhead template

Word Template

Prepare an on-brand document in Microsoft Word format.

Word Template

Consent form

If you're photographing or recording a subject without Communications & Marketing's videographers and photographers, use this form.

Consent and release form – photos, videos, recordings


Prepare an on-brand cover letter for your next fax.

Fax template


Create a quick and easy memo using the SFU memo template.

Memo template

Email signature

Follow our step-by-step instructions for setting up your on-brand email signature.

Marketing collateral templates


Create a retractable banner with one of our templates.


Choose between a one-page or tri-fold brochure template.


Choose from two types of templates to create your poster.


Design your postcard using our template.

Contact sfu-brand@sfu.ca to borrow a generic SFU banner for your event.


Motion graphics to keep you on brand.


Video assets for your project.

Contact sfu-brand@sfu.ca to request Video templates or Video B-Roll for your project.