Formal studio portraits

Our formal studio portraits are consistent and versatile, and can be obtained through Communications & Marketing or a contract photographer.

Contract photographers

Refer to our photography guidelines for direction on style and tips while hiring a contract photographer. The Communications & Marketing Studio (Education Building 7628) can be booked for portraits by SFU faculty and staff at no cost. To book the Studio, or request referrals for contract photographers, please contact

Note: contract photographers can also be engaged for outdoor and on-location portraits.


SFU Communications & Marketing contracts external vendor Artona for faculty, staff and graduate student portraits on prescheduled dates. Artona specializes in volume portraiture (“Photo Days”) for the secondary and post-secondary market and is familiar with SFU through annual convocation headshot sessions. The cost for this service is fully covered by SFU Communications & Marketing.

C&M Photo Days are intended for professional applications such as a website faculty listing and not intended for standard identification such as passport photos or ID cards. For standard identification please use alternate suppliers such as London Drugs. 

The next formal portrait Photo Day:

  • Tuesday October 25, 2022  (Booking opens Sept. 27)
    • Location: Burnaby Campus,
    • Room: EDB 7628, Photography Studio
    • Time: 9am-6pm
  • Thursday December 8, 2022  (Booking opens Nov. 10)
    • Location: Burnaby Campus
    • Room: EDB 7628, Photography Studio
    • Time: 9am-6pm

Photo day process

For coordinators:

  1. Book time on the Artona scheduling calendar. Please note, that the booking calendar will open four weeks before the photo day. Following your booking, Artona will email instructions to privately and securely upload a spreadsheet of names of all photo Subjects, required seven business days before the photo shoot.
  2. Within six days prior to the Photo Day, submit a spreadsheet of names using this template. Note: Artona can accommodate mild variance, e.g. no-shows or Subjects arriving not previously identified. Please name the file as indicated.
  3. Inform all Subjects of date, time, location, and the "FOR SUBJECTS:" steps listed here. Tip: Do not inform groups over 10 people to arrive at the same time. E.g. for a group of 20 Subjects inform ten to arrive at the booking start time and ten to arrive half way into the booked time slot.
  4. Receive high resolution photos 7-10 days following photoshoot via file download.
  5.  Distribute files as appropriate.

For subjects:

  1. Receive date, time and location from Coordinator.
  2. Search in the SFU Snap App Room Finder.
  3. Arrive at the location on time. Directional signage will be posted and you will assemble, physically distanced, in the order that you arrive.
  4. Select a pre-printed ticket with your name. Sign an SFU consent form then hand to photographer when selected. Blank consent forms will be available.
  5. When it is your turn to be photographed, 5-10 photos will be taken, then you will select up to three favourites prior to leaving.


For support related to a scheduled Photo Day, please contact Artona customer service:

  • Email: (average response time within 24 hours)
  • Live chat: (8 am to 10 pm PST seven days a week, average response time within 2 minutes)

 For support related to a future or unscheduled Photo Day contact us at