Need a powerpoint or letterhead template, or a photo consent form? Download some of our most common templates below, or check out our media templates or email signature instructions.

Digital project templates


Prepare on-brand visuals for your next presentation by using one of the SFU powerpoint templates:

Consent forms

Photographing or recording a subject? Download a Consent and release for photo, video and recordings.

Email signature

Follow our step-by-step instructions for setting up your on-brand email signature.

Message templates


Follow print conventions while respecting the SFU look and feel with the SFU letterhead template.

Business cards

SFU's business card templates are held by SFU Document Solutions (DocSol), the university's on-site printers. Contact DocSol directly to order your cards.


Prepare an on-brand cover letter with all the need-to-know basic details for your next fax.


Create a quick and easy memo using the SFU memo template.

Marketing collateral templates


We have three brochure templates for you to choose from:


Creating a new banner for your department? Use the banner template.

Contact creative-studio@sfu.ca to borrow a general SFU banner for your event.


Creating a new poster for your department? Use the poster template.