Email marketing

Does your department regularly send email newsletters to your audiences? SFU departments can use an online tool called Campaigner to gather more data from these campaigns.

What is it?

Campaigner is an email marketing tool that allows your department to:

  • Create HTML emails
  • Schedule distribution 
  • Manage your contact list and newsletter signup forms
  • Track the success of your emails based on open/click rates and more

Who is the audience?

Your department can use Campaigner to build and nurture audience relationships through email. You can use it to create newsletter signup forms that can be embedded on your department's website. Campaigner will also help you manage your subscriptions records, ensuring that you remain CASL compliant

Why use it?

Campaigner provides metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness of your content, helping you to implement a robust evaluation strategy in your communication plans.

Who can use it?

All SFU departments can use Campaigner. IT Services provides the service for free.

How can my department sign up?

Ready to use Campaigner? Complete the  signup form below to provide your basic details. Please allow up to one week for Campaigner staff to process your new account request.

I've set up my account. Now what?

Please note that using Campaigner is self-guided. A good first step is to watch the Getting Started webinar. After that, we recommend checking the Campaigner knowledge base or watching these training videos.