Post Baccalaureate Diploma

Delivery method:
in-person and/or online (depending on course offering)
Applications open:
March 1, 2024
Applications close:
April 15, 2024
Next start date:
Fall 2024

Get all the information you need to apply for a post baccalaureate diploma (PBD) in Education.  


High School Students or University and College Transfer Students

Applicants must meet SFU's minimum Undergraduate Admission requirements for degree holders.

Applicants require a minimum graduation grade point average of 2.0 or if the degree is from a university outside British Columbia, a minimum graduation grade point average of 2.4. University level coursework undertaken subsequent to the Bachelor's degree will also be considered for admissibility to the Diploma Program.

There are additional admission requirements for the Counselling and Human Development PBD and French Education PBD.


Domestic Student Tuition (2022/23)

Normal and Course Challenge

  • $203.80 (basic - per unit)

Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.

International Student Tuition (2022/23)

Normal and Course Challenge

  • For students who entered in 2017/2018 or 2018/2019: $983.49 (basic - per unit)
  • For students who entered in 2019/2020 or later: $1,059.15 (basic - per unit)

Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.

SFU Calendar Undergraduate Tuition Fees

SFU Supplementary Fees

Simon Fraser University assesses the Student Services/Recreation-Athletics fee, the student activity fee and the U-Pass BC fee to all eligible students in each term of enrollment.

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Mandatory Supplementary Course Fees

In addition to credit course fees, mandatory supplementary course fees may be assessed for individual courses in addition to basic tuition and are deemed necessary for successful completion of the course. Mandatory supplementary course fees cover additional costs associated with, for example, such items as field trip expenses or special costs/handling involved in distance education courses.

See which Undergraduate courses have mandatory supplementary course fees

Financial Resources

Undergraduate students may be eligible for scholarships, bursaries, the SFU Work-Study program, and loans.

SFU Financial Aid and Awards website


Degree Holders

If you have not previously attended SFU as an undergraduate student, you must first apply as a non-degree seeking or General Education PBD student through SFU's Undergraduate Admissions for the Fall, Spring or Summer term. Once admitted, please see "Current SFU Student" below.

Fall (September)
March 1 - April 19 May 15
Spring (January) August 1 - September 15 October 15
Summer (May) December 1 - January 15
February 15

Start your Application

Applications to B.C. post-secondary institutions are submitted through the EducationPlannerBC application service.

  • Go to
  • In section 4, Applying to SFU:
    • select from the drop-down list of faculties: Faculty of Education
    • select from the drop-down list of programs: non-degree seeking or General Education PBD

Submit your Documents

Maximize your chances of an early offer of admission by submitting your documents and reviewing what's next after you've applied.

Any documents required to process your application will appear on your to-do list in your Student Center. Allow 4-6 weeks for document updates to be reflected in your application checklist. 

All documentation submitted in support of your application must be official. We are no longer accepting unofficial documents for admission.

See more information about submitting required documents

Current SFU Student

Degree holders who are active SFU students (either through university admission for new SFU students or reactivation/readmission for returning students may apply for an Education PBD by submitting an application to the Undergraduate Programs office at, including any supplemental documents and unofficial transcripts for externally completed coursework.

Note: Courses completed towards a previous credential cannot be used towards the PBD. PBDs require completion of at least 30 new units of upper division undergraduate coursework.


Future Student Advising

If you are not currently an SFU student, contact one of the Education advisors below:

General Inquiries

For general program questions, contact the Undergraduate Studies office at

Current Student Advising

Schedule a time to speak with one of our advisors through Advisor Link.

Note: Only students declared in an Education program will be able to book with an Education advisor through Advisor Link. For non-Education students, continue to email one of our three advisors directly.

Disclaimer: The information provided for this program is to be used as a reference. Should any discrepancies occur between the information found on this page and the SFU Calendar, the information found in the SFU Calendar shall be deemed correct.

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