Post Baccalaureate Diploma

Delivery method:
in-person and/or online (depending on course offering)
Applications open:
March 1, 2024
Applications close:
April 15, 2024
Next start date:
Fall 2024

If you are a teacher looking to upgrade your skills or specialize, our post baccalaureate diplomas (PBD) are a great option. PBDs allows practicing teachers to take methodology courses required by their district to update their formalized learning or if they are seeking to teach another subject/grade level.

Designed to accommodate busy schedules, you can begin your PBD coursework in any semester. It is not always possible to complete a PBD in two or three semesters (based on course availability), so you will be given five years to complete a PDB at SFU. 

Applications to PBDs are accepted on a rolling basis. Students must first apply through SFU Undergraduate Admissions (or reactivate if they are a former SFU student) and then can submit the PBD proposal and supplementary documentation to our office.

Note: deadlines for admission and readmission/reactivation do apply.

PBD Application Form


Counselling and Human Development PBD

This program offers individuals, who are employed or seeking employment in a human services or health care profession, a focused introduction to the core knowledge bases involved in counselling. Courses are designed to enhance the effectiveness of students in their current job or better prepare them for a future career in a helping profession.

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Early Learning PBD

This program provides a focus for students wishing to work with children aged three through eight.

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Environmental Education PBD

This program will interest practicing teachers who want to assist students to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the broadly defined environment. The program encompasses aspects of environment education. Through selected course work, environmental issues are explored using a multidisciplinary approach and historical and contemporary issues in human-environment interaction as related to diverse curricula.

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Education (General) PBD

This diploma offers the opportunity to design and pursue a program of individualized study. Students wishing to use the post baccalaureate diploma to raise their teacher qualifications should speak with the Teacher Qualification Service or their school district regarding acceptable courses.

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French and Education PBD

The Department of French and the Faculty of Education jointly offer this program comprising a set of courses for practising or future French teachers. This program includes courses directly related to the pedagogy of French as a second language as well as courses enhancing previous language competence, or knowledge of French literature or linguistics.

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Special Education PBD

This program offers educators and health care professionals who work with children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to consolidate work in lifespan development and special education in a way that facilitates a common discussion ground. The course work emphasizes knowledge and skills about lifespan development, individual differences, and assessment and support. Emphasis is placed on understanding how challenges presented to families of children with disabilities change over time as children mature and as they make transitions across home, school and community contexts.

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