Diplôme d’études supérieures en éducation

Leadership et pratique innovante en éducation francophone en milieu minoritaire

Mode de livraison:
En ligne
Ouverture des admissions:
5 janvier 2022
Fermeture des admissions:
15 juillet 2022

Début du programme: Automne 2022 (septembre)

Applications Closed

**Get all the information you need to apply for the Leadership et pratique innovante en éducation francophone en milieu minoritaire DES.**


For admission to a Graduate Diploma in Education (GDE) the following are required:

  • A Bachelor's Degree from a recognized university with a minimum CGPA of 2.5
  • A British Columbia teaching certificate from a recognized teacher preparation program (if you do not have a British Columbia teaching certificate, please email us at: aps_gde_admin@sfu.ca).
  • Submitted evidence that the applicant can undertake advanced work in the area of interest. This is usually judged based on letters of reference from qualified referees and a statement of interest.

*Please note, applicants must be living and working in BC to be eligible for this program.


Tuition (2022/23)

  • $333.22 (per unit)
    Students typically register for 5 units per term, 3 terms per calendar year

Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.

*Payment plans are available to students each term.
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SFU Ancillary Fees

Simon Fraser University assesses the Student Services fee, the graduate student activity fee, the U-Pass BC fee and the mandatory supplementary course fee to all eligible students in each term of enrollment.

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Financial Resources

Currently, Graduate Diplomas in Advanced Professional Studies in Education (GDEs) are not eligible for Student Loans/Grants. Contact SFU Financial Aid and Awards if you have any doubts or concerns about your program's eligibility.

Information for International Applicants

International students are not eligible for this program. Please visit Resources for International Students for information on eligible programs.


Before Applying (Admission Requirements and Documents)

Review the following to ensure you meet SFU’s admission requirements and have all required documents ready before starting the application process

1) Check that you meet all the admission requirements for SFU and your program.

View more information about exceptions

2) Decide which GDE program you are applying for and confirm the starting term.

3) Have a valid credit card to pay the application fee (Visa or Mastercard).

If you do not have either of these credit cards, email us at aps_gde_admin@sfu.ca before starting your online application.

4) Collect the contact information for two references, including their email addresses.

Reference letters must be specific to this application and must address your:   

  • engagement in ongoing professional development
  • participation in collaborative learning and teaching
  • willingness and ability to critically examine professional practice, and
  • any other personal or professional qualities that may support your application (for example, organization, commitment and follow-through, interpersonal skills, etc.)

We strongly recommend that you obtain letters of reference from administrators or colleagues. Colleagues may not provide a reference if they are also applying to the same GDE program. More information about references.

5) Gather the required supporting documents, including transcripts. 

Please note, if you do not have a British Columbia teaching certificate or Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) card, email us at: aps_gde_admin@sfu.ca for information on other ways to apply for admission.

The following documents will be required after completing the online application:

  • Statement of interest
  • Concise summary of professional teaching assignments
  • Teaching certificate (photocopy/scan)
  • Current TQS category card (photocopy/scan)
  • Transcripts for each post-secondary institution attended
  • Additional documentation for those with an undergraduate GPA below 2.5

Apply Online

Complete the Online Application for Graduate Studies at SFU  

When prompted select the following:

Department: Education
Program: Graduate Diploma in Education (Advanced Professional Studies)
Specialization: Leadership et pratique innovante en éducation francophone en milieu minoritaire (CSF, en ligne)
Start Date/Term:
 Fall 2022

Important Notes About the Online Application System/Process:
  • You do not have to wait until you have all your supporting documents ready before applying. Graduate programs can be competitive, therefore is it recommended that you begin your application early to complete the online sections and being preparing and collecting the required documents.  
  • The Online Application System is only available while applications are being accepted for each program.
  • The program will be notified of your application after it has been submitted.

More detailed information about the Online Application for Graduate Studies at SFU

Once You Complete and Submit Your Application Information
  • Your referees will be automatically emailed and sent instructions for providing their reference online.
  • You will need to pay the non-refundable application fee of $90 CAN (students with Canadian transcripts only) or $125 CAN (students with one or more international transcripts) by credit card (Mastercard or Visa). If you do not receive an e-mail requesting payment of this fee within three (3) working days after submitting your application, please contact the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) office at gradstdy@sfu.ca to check the status of your application.

Upload and Send Supporting Documents

You will only be able to upload the required documents to complete your application after your application fee has been paid and processed.

Upload the following required documents:


You must upload a transcript (scanned, saved, etc.) for each post-secondary institution you have attended when you are uploading documents to your application (Step 3, in your Application Portal). Ensure all pages are uploaded, including the grading scale (typically located on the back of the page or a separate sheet). Official transcripts will only be required if you receive an offer of admission. See details.

Statement of Interest

(Upload under Letter of Intent)
As you prepare your statement of interest consider the following:

  • What interested you in this program?
  • What do you hope to learn?  How do you think this program might enhance your work in education?
  • What previous professional development and/or coursework (if any) have you had in this area?
  • In what ways do you see yourself contributing to a learning community of colleagues?

Concise Summary of Professional Teaching Assignments

These assignments must be listed from current/most recent to past in a resume format, if preferred.

Photocopy of Valid Professional Teaching Certificate

Upload the 8½”x11” British Columbia Ministry of Education Certificate of Qualification.

Photocopy of Current TQS Category Card

This document is required as part of your application. If you have misplaced your card you must either apply to TQS for a replacement card, or submit a copy of a recent payslip which shows your TQS category.  Note: Not all district payslips provide this information.

Applicants with Undergraduate GPA Below 2.5 Only

If your undergraduate GPA is less than 2.5 you must also include evidence of your commitment to successful completion of an academic program of study at the graduate level, which may take the form of:

  • an illustration of changes in attitude toward learning and professional development since their undergraduate experience; and/or
  • a description of any difficulties that complicated those earlier studies.