Raneeka Gill Memorial Award

This award was established in memory of Raneeka Gill, an SFU Faculty of Education alumna and outstanding teacher in the Surrey School District who overcome her visual impairment to fulfill her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher.

Please note: all award and scholarship totals are approximates only; the amounts and Terms of References are subject to change pending on approval.

Application Deadline:

January 31, 2025


PDP and PLP students

How to Apply:

Please send all application documents to pps_teacher_education@sfu.ca  


One or more awards, valued at a minimum of $1,400, will be granted annually in any term to undergraduate students who meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled full-time in the term of eligibility;
  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree or professional teaching certification (PDP, PLP, PQP) in the Faculty of Education;
  • Registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning;
  • In good academic standing; and
  • Demonstrated persistence and passion in their studies towards becoming a teacher.

The award will be granted by the Senate Undergraduate Awards Adjudication Committee upon the nomination of the Director, Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Education or his/her designate.


All applications must include: 

  • A short statement outlining the applicant’s demonstrated persistence and passion in their studies towards becoming a teacher;
  • A letter of reference from a person familiar with the applicant’s work; and
  • A letter from Centre for Accessible Learning verifying that the student is registered with the Centre.


Award recipients will be expected to share their experiences with multiple audiences including donors. Award recipients must be prepared to:

  • Write a thank-you letter to the donor or meet with the donor to share his/her experience;
  • Where appropriate, take photos or videos during the placement, which can be used for the website, social media, or marketing;
  • Help in the promotion of the award to future applicants, such as speaking to students during orientation or application information sessions.


Phone: 778-782-4189
Email: pps_teacher_education@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8633