Bachelor of General Studies

Delivery method:
in-person and/or online
Applications open:
October 1, 2023 (high school applicants)

March 1, 2024 (transfer applicants)
Applications close:
January 31, 2024 (high school applicants)

April 15, 2024 (transfer applicants)
Next start date:
Fall 2024

Get all the information you need to apply for the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) in Education.  


High School Students or University and College Transfer Students

Applicants must meet SFU's minimum Undergraduate Admission requirements.

A maximum of 60 units may be transferred from accredited institutions. 

Students are encouraged to review courses that require a Criminal Records Check (CRC) before enrolling. Find out more about the SFU CRC here.


SFU's residency requirement stipulates that, in most cases, total transfer and course challenge credit may not exceed 60 units and may not include more than 15 as upper division work.

You may transfer a maximum of 60 units into the BGS in Education from accredited institutions. Students from SFU-approved programs such as AHCOTE, the Professional Linking Program or other approved Faculty of Education programs may transfer an additional 30 units from an accredited degree-granting institution, providing 30 of the required 45 upper division units are SFU courses, and any W course within the required 45 must be completed at SFU.

Note: Any minor program must include at least seven upper division units earned at SFU.

SFU Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Current SFU Students Transferring Into the Bachelor of General Studies in Education

Students must have completed at least one semester at SFU, including 6 units of EDUC coursework with a minimum of 2.0 on the CGPA, UDGPA, EDUC GPA posted on the transcript.

To complete the internal transfer, make an appointment to see the undergraduate advisor.


Domestic Student Tuition (2024/25)

Normal and Course Challenge

  • $212.04 (basic - per unit)

Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.

Co-operative Education

  • $895.88 (per term)

Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.

International Student Tuition (2024/25)

Normal and Course Challenge

  • For students who entered in 2016/2017 or earlier: $1,005.71 (basic - per unit)
  • For students who entered in 2017/2018 and 2023/24: $1,145.58
  • For students who entered in 2024/25 or later: $1,167.61 (basic - per unit)

Subject to estimated 4% fee increase each September.

Co-operative Education

  • $895.88 (per term)

Subject to estimated 2% fee increase each September.

SFU Calendar Undergraduate Tuition Fees

SFU Supplementary Fees

Simon Fraser University assesses the Student Services/Recreation-Athletics fee, the student activity fee and the U-Pass BC fee to all eligible students in each term of enrollment.

More information

Mandatory Supplementary Course Fees

In addition to credit course fees, mandatory supplementary course fees may be assessed for individual courses in addition to basic tuition and are deemed necessary for successful completion of the course. Mandatory supplementary course fees cover additional costs associated with, for example, such items as field trip expenses or special costs/handling involved in distance education courses.

See which Undergraduate courses have mandatory supplementary course fees

Financial Resources

Undergraduate students may be eligible for scholarships, bursaries, the SFU Work-Study program, and loans.

SFU Financial Aid and Awards website


High School Students or University and College Transfer Students

You can apply to the BGS in Education through SFU's Undergraduate Admissions in the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

Fall (September)
March 1 - April 19 May 15
Spring (January) August 1 - September 15 October 15
Summer (May) December 1 - January 15
February 15

Start your Application

Applications to B.C. post-secondary institutions are submitted through the EducationPlannerBC application service.

Submit your Documents

Maximize your chances of an early offer of admission by submitting your documents and reviewing what's next after you've applied.

Any documents required to process your application will appear on your to-do list in your Student Center. Allow 4-6 weeks for document updates to be reflected in your application checklist. 

All documentation submitted in support of your application must be official. We are no longer accepting unofficial documents for admission.

See more information about submitting required documents

Current SFU Student

Current SFU students may request an internal transfer into the BGS in Education after completing the declaration requirements.

To complete the internal transfer, email an undergraduate advisor to make an appointment.


Future Student Advising

If you are not currently an SFU student, contact one of the Education advisors below:

General Inquiries

For general program questions, contact the Undergraduate Studies office at

Current Student Advising

Schedule a time to speak with one of our advisors through Advisor Link.

Note: Only students declared in an Education program will be able to book with an Education advisor through Advisor Link. For non-Education students, continue to email one of our three advisors directly.

Disclaimer: The information provided for this program is to be used as a reference. Should any discrepancies occur between the information found on this page and the SFU Calendar, the information found in the SFU Calendar shall be deemed correct.

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