Office of Indigenous Education

The Faculty of Education is committed to collaborative work with diverse Indigenous communities and organizations as well as with individual students and educators in a range of rural and urban locations. Our Indigenous focus is inclusive of Aboriginal peoples in Canada (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) as well as Indigenous peoples from other countries. Our vision emphasizes:

  • collaboration and equal partnerships with a diversity of Indigenous communities and organizations,
  • equitable representation of Indigenous people in enrollment across programs,
  • integration of Indigenous content and perspectives across the curriculum,
  • equitable representation of Indigenous people on faculty and staff, support and encouragement of Indigenous research and scholarship,
  • integration of Indigenous awareness and local protocol as part of all faculty and staff orientation,
  • requirement of anti-racism, multicultural and Indigenous pedagogical approaches as a part of all teacher certification.

Community Projects (to date)

  • Community-based teacher education programs emphasizing the incorporation of Indigenous languages and cultures in band controlled as well as provincial school districts
  • Developmental Standard Term Certificate in First Nations Language and Culture (June 2001)
  • Masters programs: MEd cohort program in Indigenous Education
  • Research collaborations
  • Campus and community-based courses and professional programs
  • International collaborations with Indigenous institutions, programs and centres