Film & Video

Whether you’re interested in communication theories behind film and television, or you want to create your own films or design digital video and animations, our faculty has a wide range of critical and practical programs and courses to enhance your studies.

Selected programs

The programs below are a sample of the many offerings across our faculty. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts — Film Major

The film program in the School for the Contemporary Arts combines rigorous technical training and skills development with extensive instruction in cinema studies and history. Students draw on courses throughout the School to deepen their understanding of other artistic disciplines — an understanding we consider essential to the creative life of every successful film and media artist. 

Bachelor of Arts — Art, Performance and Cinema Studies Major

This program in the School for the Contemporary Arts investigates art and culture with attention to the historically changing forms of class, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality and aesthetics. It provides students with the knowledge, research and communication skills needed to participate effectively in contemporary debates about art and culture. Course selection beyond the program’s core requirements is flexible, and students are encouraged to shape their studies in the school, or in the University at large.

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts — Interactive Arts and Technology Major

Both the BA and BSc programs in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology offer an opportunity to work in video related to media and digital arts, user experience theory, and design. Students are encouraged to take their studies in a direction that most interests them and to collaborate with their peers and instructors while building a portfolio of impressive work.

Selected courses

The courses below are just a few of the many offerings related to art and design across our faculty.

CMNS 426 - Video Design for Social Communication

This course examines the growing role that video is playing in a variety of public relations, industrial, advocacy and educational contexts. The emphasis is on issues of communication design in relation to the goals and values in specific communication forums.

CMNS 220: Understanding Television

A more theoretical approach to the study of film and video, this course examines television both as a medium of communication and an element of culture.