Media & Politics

Our School of Communication is a vibrant hub for the study of media and politics as they relate to diverse cultures and societies. Both the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts programs in communication offer a comprehensive basis in communication theories and applications. Our School of Interactive Arts and Technology also offers innovative courses in new media that complement any course of study, while the Master of Digital Media program equips students with a unique combination of skills to succeed in a digital age.

Selected programs

The programs below are a sample of the many offerings across our faculty. 

Bachelor of Arts — Communication Major

A major in communication provides students with a foundation in critical thinking, reading, analysis and production in the field of communication that allows them to study the cultures, histories, technologies, and ideologies of the media and communication infrastructures in our society. These structures inform and shape media and politics, and communications students are equipped to meaningfully participate in, question, and redefine these structures as they move into careers in diverse fields.

Master of Arts in Communication

Our School of Communication has an international reputation for its critical scholarship on urgent social and political problems affecting contemporary societies, locally and globally. We offer graduate students rigorous training in the critical foundation of communication theory, political economy, policy, the study of culture and media, and technology and data studies. 

Master of Digital Media

Located at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, this program is at the intersection of art, design, business and engineering. Students gain skills in user experience design, software development, project management, and interactive storytelling that applies to any industry where digital content is used. 

Selected courses

The courses below are just a few of the many offerings related to art and design across our faculty.

IAT 206W — Media Across Cultures

This course introduces students to a discursive framework for media, design and cultural interfaces through which they are able to interpret, negotiate, and engage with new media while having an awareness of the significance of cultural and contextual difference.

IAT 313 — Narrative and New Media

Exploring the role of narrative in various media and New Media environments, from traditional linear environments and multi-linear and networked media environments, this course examines the relationship of narrative elements in light of the practice and the aesthetics of New Media.