Sound & Music

From the sonic research and acoustic studies in our School of Communication, to sound design in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, and music composition in the School for the Contemporary Arts, our faculty offers a broad range of programs and courses related to sound and music.

School of Communication

Bachelor of Arts — Communication Major 

Our School of Communication houses SFU’s Sonic Research Studio which contains a wealth of archival materials in soundscape studies and acoustic ecology, along with cutting edge research in soundscape composition, sonification for social change, and cultural studies of sound and music.

School of Interactive Arts & Technology 

Bachelor of Arts - Interactive Arts and Technology Major

Students in our School of Interactive Arts and Technology learn about sound design and audio engineering as it relates to film and multimedia projects, user experience design, and video games. Researchers in SIAT also engage in sound-based research practices including generative music created by AI. 

School for the Contemporary Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts — Music and Sound Major

Renowned for its innovative and experimental approach to music through its focus on composition, our music program offers a unique, interdisciplinary experience and the opportunity to collaborate on film, dance, theatre, and visual art projects during the course of your degree.

Sound & Music Stories