Withdrawals under Extenuating Circumstances

Have you been unable to successfully complete a course or an entire term, and feel it was due to circumstances outside of your control? It may be possible to have that course's or term's marks modified on your academic record. 

Extenuating circumstances are defined as "unexpected and uncontrollable events that seriously threaten [the student's] academic obligations; [and] make it difficult to complete an academic program."

Such events do not include:

  • the class was too hard
  • adverse weather conditions
  • exams or assignments that could have been rescheduled or deferred

Nor can your application be made:

  • before week six (you can withdraw on goSFU up until then – see www.sfu.ca/students/academicadvising/difficulty.html )
  • if your course was more than five years ago (eg, withdrawal under extenuating circumstances for a class in Spring 2017 must be requested before the end of Spring term in 2022).
  • if you've applied to graduate and your degree was officially granted/was approved by Senate (it will show as granted in goSFU), or generally if you've already passed the affected course(s).

Grounds for the request are:

 and all requests require supporting documentation.



Contact us

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