Tuition Refund Policy

Penalties and appeals

Space in Simon Fraser University courses is limited and tuition refunds and penalties are designed to discourage a student from holding space in courses(s) which the student eventually does not use.

When students who are enrolled in credit courses reduce the number of courses in which they are enrolled, a refund may be granted provided the course change is made during the prescribed refund period. Special fees are not refundable, with the exception of the graduation fee and award of certificate or diploma fee. The table below applies to classes that follow the regular, full-term schedule. Intersession and Summer Session classes will have different deadline dates for refunds.

This term's course drop deadlines are available here.

Tuition Refund table

Deadline Amount refunded
7th calendar day of the term 100%
14th calendar day of the term 75%
21st calendar day of the term 50%
After 21st calendar day of the term No refund


Deadline Amount refunded
4th calendar day of the session 100%
8th calendar day of the session
12th calendar day of the session
After 12th calendar day of the session
No refund


The SFU Enrolment Appeals Committee hears appeals for refunds of tuition fees and tuition penalties for classes dropped due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control. Your appeal must be supported with proper documentation, e.g., medical and/or (in cases that involve a death in the family) a certificate of death. Financial hardship does not qualify. You must appeal within one calendar year from the time you dropped the class(es). If you are uncertain about your health, finances, time or other resources, you are advised to be conservative in committing yourself to classes. Although the University allows students to drop classes under extenuating circumstances, extenuating circumstances alone are not sufficient for granting an appeal for a refund of tuition fees.

Please see Refund request for details.