International student fee policies

International Fees Structure

Fee cohort assignment

  • Students admitted to SFU after Fall 2017 are assigned a fee cohort based on their first term of enrollment.
  • Students admitted to SFU prior to Fall 2017 may be assigned a fee cohort if their student status changes. Please see below for details.

Fee cohort duration

A cohort is normally in effect for five academic calendar years (September - August). See "Fee cohort changes" below for exceptions.

For example:

First Enrolled Term at SFU Cohort group Cohort expires (last year)
Fall 2017 Y001 Summer 2022
Spring 2018 Y001 Summer 2022
Summer 2018 Y001 Summer 2022
Fall 2018 Y002 Summer 2023
Spring 2019 Y002 Summer 2023
Summer 2019 Y002 Summer 2023
Fall 2019 Y003 Summer 2024
Spring 2020 Y003 Summer 2024
Summer 2020 Y003 Summer 2024

Fee cohort changes

A student's fee cohort will change if:

  1. Five academic calendar years have elapsed (September - August); or
  2. They defer their admission; or
  3. They reapply to the university after having an academic standing of Required to Withdraw; or
  4. They reapply to the university after voluntary withdrawal and completing further academic studies at a recognized post-secondary institution during the time of absence; or
  5. They complete their original program.
NOTE: Students admitted to SFU prior to Fall 2017 will be assigned a fee cohort if they meet criteria 3, 4 or 5 above.

International students who obtain Permanent Resident status

If an international student becomes a Permanent Resident within the term he/she is enrolled in, domestic tuition fees will be assessed for that term.

Please note: Permanent Resident status is attained as of the "Became a Permanent Resident on" date, indicated on the "Confirmation of Permanent Residence" document or Permanent Resident Card.