How do I load my U-Pass BC onto my Compass Card?

To load your monthly U-Pass BC onto your Compass Card, sign into Select your 'Simon Fraser University' from the drop down menu and sign in using your SFU computing ID. Next, you will need to link your Compass Card by entering the 20-digit number and the 3-digit CVN on the back of your Compass Card. Once your card is linked, you can request your U-Pass BC. The system will confirm your eligibility before loading your U-Pass BC onto your Compass Card.

How long will it take to load my U-Pass BC?

It can take up to 48 hours for your U-Pass BC to load onto your Compass Card, so make sure you request your U-Pass BC at least two days before the end of the month. Without a valid U-Pass BC, you are responsible for paying your transit fare.

Why do I have to request my U-Pass BC every month?

As a discounted transit program, requesting your U-Pass BC each month is a safeguard that reduces the chances for fraudulent misuse and helps ensure the continuation of the U-Pass BC program.

Who determines my eligibility?

Your U-Pass BC eligibility is determined by SFU. Please visit for more information about the SFU U-Pass BC eligibility criteria. If you have questions about the U-Pass BC program or eligibility, please contact the U-Pass BC office at 778-782-6930 or

Is my U-Pass BC transferable?

Your U-Pass BC is non-transferable, and you’ll need to carry your SFU student card with you at all times when travelling with your U-Pass BC on your Compass Card.

Is the U-Pass BC program changing?

No. The U-Pass BC program remains the same. The only changes is how you obtain your U-Pass BC. You will no longer need to swipe your SFU student card at the kiosks each month to obtain your monthly U-Pass BC card. Now, you are able to request your monthly U-Pass BC to be loaded onto your Compass Card through the online U-Pass BC website. 

Where can I obtain a replacement card if I lose my Compass Card?

You can purchase a replacement Compass Card for $6 (deposit) at the Compass Customer Walk-in Centre (located near the Stadium-Chinatown Station). 

Do I need to tap in and tap out?

That's how the system works. Tapping in and out with Compass Card provides important anonymous travel data that helps TransLink plan a better transit system. That means long-term sustainability, affordability for customers and better service routes for customers, including U-Pass BC students.

You must tap in and tap out every time you enter and exit a bus or station, including when you transfer. When you tap in, you validate your fare. If you do not have validate your fare, then you risk receiving fare infraction ticket. When you tap out, TransLink receives important tap out data to support sustainability for the U-Pass BC program and future transit system improvements. It demonstrates how many students are using the U-Pass BC program, which helps build on the success of the program. Every time you tap out, it’s like a vote for improved transit along your route. 

It’s also a good habit to develop. When you're not travelling on your U-Pass BC and you tap in, but forget to tap out, the system will charge you the maximum fare (three zones).

I cannot see anything after I enter my SFU computing ID and password. What should I do?

The U-Pass BC website uese cookies. If your cookies are disabled on your browser, you will need to enable them to gain access the U-Pass BC website. Please go to your browser’s preferences and enable cookies to proceed with using the U-Pass BC website. TransLink’s website privacy policy provides more information on cookies (

Does TransLink have access to my personal information?

To protect student privacy, SFU do not disclose personally identifiable information to TransLink when your eligibility information is uploaded to TransLink. No personally identifiable information is transferred when you link a Compass Card to your U-Pass BC account, or when you request your U-Pass BC for the current or next month.

Schools provide TransLink with anonymous data in the form of unique identifiers that indicate which student accounts are eligible for U-Pass BC each month. Schools also provide TransLink with a portion of your student number so that fare inspectors can match your student ID to the pass on a given Compass Card.  All transmissions are encrypted.

For U-Pass BC users, TransLink only has access to your personal information if you provide it in the following situations: 

  • You sign up for reminders on the U-Pass BC website
  • You produce your student ID when asked by Transit Police or Fare Inspectors
  • You purchase your Compass Card online or with a credit/debit card
  • You register your Compass Card (either on the Compass website or by phone)
  • You request a refund

Signing up for optional reminders lets you know when your U-Pass BC has been loaded onto your Compass Card or when it's time to request your U-Pass BC for a new month. Students who sign up for optional reminders will need to provide an email address, which is stored with your account and enables TransLink to send reminders and system updates. This is necessary so that students can manage their details (i.e. disable reminders or update an email address). Signing up for reminders is entirely optional.

Any use of personal information is governed by the TransLink’s Privacy Policy (