Labconco Vacuum Concentrator

For access and training, please contact the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations (details below). 

User Instructions

User Manual (equipment) - Oil Mist Filter

User Manual (equipment) - Vacuum Pump

The Labconco Vacuum Concentrator with cold trap is designed to rapidly concentrate samples using centrifugal force and vacuum. Use only for aqueous/alcohol (ethanol) samples. NOT for use with organic solvents!  

Vacuum concentration is a method for concentrating biological samples that are sensitive to heat. In heat sensitive samples, the amount of heat driving the phase change -- where aqueous/solvent molecules leave the samples as a vapour -- has to be limited or the samples, usually DNA, RNA, or protein, will be damaged. When heat is an issue, other forces have to be used to drive molecules through the phase change, such as applying a vacuum atmosphere. Boiling points of liquids are reduced under vacuum so the phase change can occur at lower temperatures.

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MBB Department

Training must be obtained from the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations.


Manager, Laboratory Operations

 (778) 782-4318