Holt Lab

The main focus in our lab (located at the BC Cancer Research Institute) is understanding and potentiating the anti-cancer immune response.

Increasingly cancer is being seen as a disease of immune failure, and in the field considerable effort is being focused on evoking and/or potentiating anti-tumor immunity. In our group, we do basic research, pre-clinical research and clinical (Phase I/II) studies focussed on genetically enginerring T cells to target cancer cells. We also develop mRNA vaccines against "Oncomicrobes and we use high-throughput genomic, proteomic and bioinformatic methods to probe the cellular immune system, with a focus on antigen discovery. In addition to immunology, we also touch on aspects of microbiome research, brain research and evolutionary biology in our group

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Lab Room:

BC Cancer Research Insitute


Selected Publications

  • Rive CM, Yung E, Dreolini L, Woodsworth DJ, Holt RA. Selective B cell depletion upon infusion of replication-incompetent anti-CD19 CAR lentivirus. BioRxiv.
  • Rive CM, Yung E, Hughes CS, Brown SD, Sharma G, Dreolini L, Warren C, Karasinska JM, Loree JM, Yapp DT, Morin GB, Renouf DJ, Schaeffer DF, Turcotte S and Holt RA. Recombinant T cell receptors specific for HLA-A*02:01-restricted neoepitopes containing KRAS codon 12 hotspot mutations. BioRxiv
  • Cochrane K, Robinson AV, Holt RA, Allen-Vercoe E. A survey of Fusobacterium nucleatum genes modulated by host cell infection. Microbial Genomics. 2020 Feb;6(2):e000300. doi: 10.1099/mgen.0.000300.. PMID: 31661053
  • Sharma G, Rive C and Holt RA. Rapid selection and identification of functional CD8+ T-cell epitopes from large peptide coding libraries.  Nature Communications. 2019 Oct 7;10(1):4553. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-12444-7. PMID: 31591401
  • Holt RA. Immunogenomics: a foundation for intelligent immune design.Genome Medicine. 2015;7:116. doi:10.1186/s13073-015-0247-y. Read more.

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