Selected Publications: Young Lab

names of highly qualified personnel supervised by Dr. Young are underlined;
* indicates E. C. Young is corresponding author 

1. K. E. A. MageeZ. Madden & * E. C. Young. (2015) HCN channel C-terminal region speeds activation rates independently of autoinhibition. J. Memb. Biol. 248, 1043-1060.

2. R. Lester & * E. C. Young. (2015) Does bimodal agonism in cyclic nucleotide-gated (CNG) channels preserve the classical binding site and pore structure? Abstract submitted, Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society of America, February, 2016.

3. D. A. Page & * E. C. Young. (2015) A charged residue in the HCN channel C-linker stabilizes the open state. Abstract submitted, Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society of America, February, 2016.

#4. M. A. Brolich & * E. C. Young. (2014) Impact of loop dynamics on photolyase function. Poster presented at Canadian Chemical Conference, June, 2014.

5. E. Bovero, K. E. A. Magee, * E. C. Young & C. Menon. (2013) Dispersion of silver nanoparticles into polymer matrix dry adhesives to achieve antibacterial properties, increased adhesion and optical absorption. Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 7, 624-631.

6. W. WongK. S. C. ChanM. MichaleskiA. Haesler & * E. C. Young. (2011) Ligand-binding domain subregions contributing to bimodal agonism in cyclic nucleotide-gated channels. J. Gen. Physiol. 137, 591-603.

7. N. L. Wicks, T. WongJ. SunZ. Madden, & * E. C. Young. (2011) Cytoplasmic cAMP-sensing domain of hyperpolarization-activated cation (HCN) channels uses two structurally distinct mechanisms to regulate voltage gating. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108, 609-614.

8. K. S. C. Chan & * E. C. Young. (2009) Bimodal agonism in heteromeric cyclic nucleotide-gated channels. Channels (Austin) 3, 48-58.

#9. N. L. WicksK. S. C. ChanZ. Madden, B. Santoro, & * E. C. Young. (2009) Sensitivity of HCN channel deactivation to cAMP is amplified by an S4 mutation combined with activation mode-shift.Pfluegers Archiv - Eur. J. Physiol. 458, 877-889.

10. *E. C. Young & N. Krougliak. (2004) Distinct structural determinants of efficacy and sensitivity in the ligand-binding domain of cyclic nucleotide-gated channels. J. Biol. Chem.279, 3553-62.

11. W. N. Zagotta, N. B. Olivier, K. D. Black, E. C. Young, R. Olson, & E. Gouaux. (2003) Structural basis for modulation and agonist specificity of HCN pacemaker channels. Nature 425, 200-205.

12. *E. C. YoungD. M. Sciubba, & S. A. Siegelbaum. (2001) Efficient coupling of ligand binding to channel opening by the binding domain of a modulatory (beta) subunit of the olfactory cyclic nucleotide-gated channel. J. Gen. Physiol. 118, 523-546.

Last Updated - December 2015