University Terms

University Name

Spell out Simon Fraser University (SFU) on first use, and SFU thereafter.

We no longer capitalize the word “university” on its own when referring to SFU in a sentence.  


A number of factors guided the university in updating its policies.

General SFU boilerplate

(as of June 2023)


Who We Are
As Canada’s engaged university, SFU works with communities, organizations and partners to create, share and embrace knowledge that improves life and generates real change. We deliver a world-class education with lifelong value that shapes change-makers, visionaries and problem-solvers. We connect research and innovation to entrepreneurship and industry to deliver sustainable, relevant solutions to today’s problems. With campuses in British Columbia’s three largest cities—Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey—SFU has eight faculties that deliver 364 undergraduate degree programs and 149 graduate degree programs to more than 37,000 students. The university now boasts more than 180,000 alumni residing in 145+ countries.

Other SFU descriptors

Thes can be used as subheads or as talking points for presentations:

  • Canada’s engaged university. 
  • Simon Fraser University: Engaging Students. Engaging Research. Engaging Communities.

Specific phrases

Changemaker is all one word. i.e. SFU is a changemaker campus.

Changemaker should only be capitalized when it is a proper noun: SFU is an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus. SFU is a changemaker campus. We educate changemakers, visionaries and problem-solvers.

Community-engaged should always be hyphenated.

Community-Engaged Research initiative - this is a special phrase used in the VPRI portfolio, "initiative" is not capitalized in this phrase.

SFU Innovates should be referred to as an "innovation strategy," not an "initiative."