Following web best practices, it's important to add text in a meaningful way that cleary communicates your message to your audience.

Below you'll learn how to use titles, heading styles, calls-to-action and more, to help audiences easily consume the content.


A quote style can be used to highlight a pull quote on your page or news stories. 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In maximus accumsan quam ac volutpat.

John Smith, PhD Candidate

 Best Practices

  • Make sure to follow proper formatting for name and title reference 

  • Quote styles should not be used for anything other than highlighting a quote

 Design Guidelines

If using quote style for pull quotes, consider placing the quote style on the side of the content (ex within a 2 column component)

 How to

1. Add text component to page and edit text

2. Add “quote” in the CSS class field of the text component 


Quote – converts paragraph text to quote style

3. Use paragraph text for the quote portion of the copy

4. Use Heading 5 for the name and title attribute

5. Apply bold treatment to the name to highlight the name