SIAT celebrates showcase with online online galleries

December 19, 2019

Below are some exciting and wonderful projects that we would love to share with you. We've organized them into galleries for each class for easy viewing and downloading. Enjoy! 

IAT336: Materials in Design

To kick off our SIAT Showcase gallery week, we have IAT 336 - Materials in Design where students explored making with different materials, technologies, and techniques. Their showcase was a wonderful mix of extraordinary design, attention to detail, and crazy cosplay artifacts. 

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IAT355: Visual Analytics

The next SIAT Showcase gallery is IAT355: Visual Analytics where students explored the analysis and interactive visualization of data. They analyzed data on a wide array of topics including music, crime, politics, and gaming to provide easily accessible and visual ways to work with the data.

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IAT222: Interactive Arts

The students of the IAT222: Interactive Arts SIAT Showcase asked some provocative questions on personal, social, and political issues in creating these interactive artistic artifacts. 

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IAT320: Body Interface 

Our IAT320: Body Interface class brings together the magic of prototyping & making with different sensors and micro controllers and the complex interactions the human body can provide.

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IAT202: New Media Images

The IAT202: New Media Images class has again created a catalog of wonderful short films. Some funny, others dramatic, they're sure to keep you entertained. 

Watch all their films at www.iat202.com

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IAT267: Intro to Technological Systems 

Now we swing back to interactive technology with out IAT267: Intro to Technological Systems. Our students are introduced to microcontroller programming and prototyping and use it to create fun games and interactive systems.

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IAT445: Immersive Environments

A mix of interactive media and technology, our IAT445: Immersive Environments class explored and developed virtual reality experiences. Each project is wonderful and unique in their topic, visual style, and approach.

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IAT431 Speculative Design

Our IAT431: Speculative Design class was challenged to imagine what technology, food, and products in a future, alternative world would look like. The result was a collection of daring and different solutions that has to be seen to be believed!

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