A concentration is an area of specialization that approved students in the SIAT Major may pursue within their Bachelor’s degree. SIAT offers three areas of concentration in media arts, design, and interactive systems. It is recommended (although not required) that students complete a concentration. Students apply for their area of concentration after completing at least 27 units of lower level core courses (including IAT, CPMT 166, and MATH requirements).

Students will be accepted to concentrations based on their GPA (grade point average) in their IAT courses. Students in a concentration will receive priority registration for that concentration's courses for 2 years. Note that priority does not guarantee a seat in a course.

Students who are not accepted into a concentration may take concentration required courses. Students who complete the concentration requirements may choose to apply for recognition of the completed concentration on their degrees at the time of graduation.

Students may complete more than one concentration. All completed concentrations will be recognized on their degrees.