SIAT students shine at UGC

March 16, 2021

On March 5th the Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology celebrated the accomplishments of undergraduate students within the Faculty at the FCAT Undergraduate Conference (UGC). At the conference, students from across the Faculty had the opportunity to showcase projects, performances, papers, installations, and displays. The diverse range projects and presentations highlighted the incredible work of our students.

The conference's 63 project submissions was a record number for the conference and this included 15 projects from School of Interactive Arts & Technology students.

View the fantastic project presentations by SIAT students below.

Bedroom Simulative Program
By: Hana Barazandeh
Ticket to Ride Redesign
By: Hana Barazandeh, Caitlin Chan, Wildan Tao, Tiffany Yu
Argon Chalice Redesign
By: Hana Barazandeh, Cailtin Chan, Wildan Tao, Tiffany Yu
My Hopes and Dreams Entering Adulthood
By: Trisha Wong
A cup of coffee
By: Trisha Wong and Jina Lee
The Long Way
By: Daniel Annam
By: Natalie Booth, Victoria Maslova, Marina Martin
The Arena 2
By: Reuben Newton and Hamid Ahmazi
Murdock from Paragon
By: Qinghe Zhang
Space Journey
By: Kitty Cheung
The Motion of the Hummingbird
By: Angela Shen
Van Journey - 3000
By: Ana Karen Martinez and Zoe Dao-Kroeker
By: Nazanin Boroumandzad, Jashan Thind, Jun Kei Lie, Keith Leung, Steven Lai
Moment Track
By: Cassandra Graves, Daniel Shi, Kaith Leung, Nisha Perera
Wörkestra: A Remote Work Experiment
By: Audrey Chow, Brendan Chow, Eliza Lim, Ethan Ma