Working Clock (Animated Beautiful Project)

By: Siyu Chen
Course: IAT 106 Spacial Thinking and Communicating

Project description: Animated Beautiful Machine: a working clock inspired by time and light and powered by the crank.

  • The crank rotates the pulley disks, which have different diameters, so the sun disks are rotating at a different speed.
  • The force is then inputted to the speed adjusting pulley parts, which all diameters are calculated so the 4-bar linkage spins at the right rpm.
  • On the top, it is a planetary gear system that also acts as a clock, and the clock is designed to function at real time if the crank input is 3 rpm.
  • The middle gear is the sun gear, and it's connected to the sun disk, so they will spin together, the 3 planetary gears is connected to the carrier, and the carrier is moved by the 4 bar linkage, which one pivot point is on the top rod and the input force is from the bottom.