Dream Capsule

Eleonora Shive (programmer)
Dennis Limbo (programmer)
Jennifer Moreau (editor)
Junwoo Kwon (editor)
Jonathan Choi (editor)
Milana Shubina (illustrator)
Bali Oberoi (designer)
Parsa Nazeri (designer)
David Baik (designer)

Course: IAT 222 Interactive Arts

Project description: Dreams are reflections based on our daily experiences. When we are able to share our challenges and delights from these different occurrences, we become closer to one another. Our team believes this artwork will create a collective memory of the participants’ similar and contrasting dreams. Having all works displayed in the Dream Capsule may help individuals navigate through their negative experiences.

See the full project webpage: http://www.sfu.ca/~dlimbo/tbdcollective-dreamcapsule/