Magical Cubes (Spacial Composition)

By: Alyssa Umbal and Chloe Velasquez
Course: IAT 233 Spatial Design

Project description: This project is an exhibition space for Magical Cubes that fell from the sky in an imaginary world of Lego-Humans. These Magical Cubes are most likely alien artifacts. When analyzed by Lego-Human scientists, they found out that each cube is 1" x 1" x 1" in size and look very different from every angle and from each other. These cubes are very fragile and may be toxic, so touching them can be dangerous. Considering all Lego-Humans are 1.6" tall, these cubes are quite big and heavy for them. This exhibition space is meant to house one of these cubes and it will be visited by Lego-Humans to visually study the cube. They are not allowed to touch it.