IRC Member in 2021-2022 & 2022-2023

HeńłeɁ, Todd Nelson he nskwest. Tuł Spuzzum First Nation kn. 

Hello, my name is Todd Nelson. I am from Spuzzum First Nation, with Nlaka'pamux, Korean and European ancestry. I lived in Saudi Arabia for most of my childhood and only moved back in grade 11. Although I grew up immersed in Korean, European, and Arabic culture, I was not exposed to my First Nation’s culture or traditions at all. Fortunately, I regained connection with my community a few years ago and am learning as much as I can now. In my undergrad, I completed a Behaviour Neuroscience honours investigating methods to combat tremours in golf. I am now in the Indigenous Perspectives Teacher Education Module in the teaching program at SFU. My time is also spent as a member of the Indigenous Reconciliation Committee. While I am still in the life-long process of learning, I hope to meaningfully contribute to reconciliation within the Psychology Department. 

What motivated you to pursue the Indigenous Perspectives Teacher Education Module in the PDP program?

I would like to live a life that serves and uplifts our Indigenous communities. To educate our next generation in a way that respects and incorporates their cultures would be a great honour. I believe strongly in the value of education, and I have grown into the person I am today because of my past teachers. As an educator, I would have the opportunity to positively impact our communities’ children and be a positive role model for them.

What are you enjoying the most about your studies at SFU?

What I enjoyed most from my studies here was the relationships that I formed. Throughout my time here, I was fortunate enough to meet kind students with similar interests as mine. I hope these friendships last a lifetime. I am also grateful for the strong relationships I formed with many of my professors. I’m always seeking to learn more from them, and whenever I have good news, I am always eager to tell them. My time here wouldn’t have been the same without my peers and professors.