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Connections among Indigenous Students with each other, with Elders, Knowledge Holders, and Indigenous Scholars

There are a variety of ways within and outside of SFU for Indigenous students to connect with each other, to build cultural knowledge, to develop peer-peer mentorship relationships, as well as connections with Indigenous scholars within and outside the department and across univeristies. The IRC is committed to work to faciliating these connections and (co)-creating structures as appropriate.

Developing and nurturing respectful, reciprocal, cultural and professional relationships is so important. If you are an SFU Psychology student who is Indigenous or who identifies as being of Indigenous background and are interested in learning more about these opportunities and developing some of these connections, particularly with regard to the possibility of developing connections to mentors (Murry et al , 2021) please contact us to find out more about these possibilities, and also to let us know about your specific interests.

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