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Department of Psychology
Robert C. Brown Hall 5246
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC  V5A 1S6

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Phone: 778-782-3354
Fax: 778-782-3427

List of Research Labs, Institutes, Facilities and Services

Research Lab / Institute / Facility / Service


Phone Number


Adolescent Health Lab

Dr. Marlene Moretti 778-782-4956 RCB 8314
Affective & Developmental Neuroscience Lab     RCB 4209
Animal Care Facility   778-782-4737  
Attention Laboratory Dr. Tom Spalek 778-782-5359 AQ 3138
Autism & Developmental Disorders Laboratory Dr. Grace Iarocci 778-782-6746 RCB 5213/5214
Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience Institute (BCNI) Dr. Urs Ribary 778-782-9613 AQ 3127
Behavioural Neuroendocrinology Lab Dr. Neil Watson 778-782-7656 RCB 5209
Behavioural Neuroendocrinology - Wetlab Dr. Neil Watson   K 9625/9627
Clinical Psychology Centre   778-782-4720 SWH 9044
Close Relationships Research Lab Dr. Rebecca Cobb 778-782-7155 RCB 5217
Cognitive Aging Lab Dr. Wendy Thornton 778-782-7619 RCB 6201
Cognitive Science Laboratory Dr. Mark Blair      RCB 7405/7406
Co-Op Program - Arts and Social Sciences 778-782-5839 AQ 6203
Culture and Development Lab Dr. Tanya Broesch 778-782-9680 RCB 5224
Douglas Research Lab Dr. Kevin Douglas 778-782-7239 RCB 5227
Early Social Development Group Dr. Jeremy Carpendale   RCB 4307/4307A
Eyewitness Memory Lab Dr. Ryan Fitzgerald 778-782-7108 RCB 7206
Fouladi Measurement & Modelling Lab Dr. Rachel Fouladi   RCB 5114/5116
Helping and Happiness Lab Dr. Lara Aknin 778-782-9838 AQ 3135
History of Psychology Lab     RCB 5102
Human Brain Research Laboratory   604-444-3773 x2238 DSRF
Human Electrophysiology Laboratory Dr. John McDonald   RCB 4211/4216
Human Neuropsychology Laboratory Dr. Allen Thornton   RCB 4220
Institute for the Reduction of Youth Violence Dr, Robert McMahon 778-782-9031 RCB 7220.1
Intergroup Relations & Social Justice Lab Dr. Stephen Wright 778-782-4234 AQ 3126
Liaison Librarian Yolanda Koscielski 778-782-3315 LIB 5009
Mental Health, Law & Policy Institute Dr. Steve Hart & Dr. Ron Roesch 604-731-3536
RCB 7206
MHLPI Publication Orders      
Microcomputer Laboratory     RCB 5201
Personality & Emotion Research Lab
Dr. Alex Chapman
SWH 9056/9058/9060
Personality & Emotion Research Lab - Office
Dr. Alex Chapman 778-782-5590 RCB 5306
Psychological Foundations Lab
Dr. Tim Racine 778-782-6958 RCB 4303
Psychology IT Help Line PSYC IT Team 778-782-8774
Psychology Methods Consulting Group Dr. Matthew Sigal 778-782-5873 RCB 6155
Research Participation System and Subject Pool (RPS Coordinator) Iris Lee
778-782-4091 RCB 5255
Rhythms Laboratory – Microscopy & Student Office Dr. Ralph Mistlberger 778-782-6613 AQ 3138.2
Rhythms Laboratory – Wetlab Dr. Ralph Mistlberger 778-782-5906 TASC2 8470.2
Spalek Simulator Lab Dr. Tom Spalek 778-782-7696 RCB 7202
Studies in Methodology and Philosophy of Psychological Science Lab Dr. Kathleen Slaney   RCB 5101
CLOSER Lab (Complexities in Love, Singlehood Experiences, and Relationships Lab)
Dr. Yuthika Girme
778-782-4701 AQ 3110
Sustainability, Identity and Social Change Lab Dr. Michael Schmitt 604-992-1066 AQ 3117
Viljoen Adolescent Risk and Resilience Lab Dr. Jodi Viljoen   RCB 5202
Vision Laboratory Dr. Richard Wright   RCB 4214
Weight and Eating Lab Dr. Shannon Zaitsoff 778-782-9022 RCB 5305