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Program & Degree Requirements

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TIP: Degree planning can be hard, so make sure you're on the right track by meeting with our academic advisors (see below).

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All About Academic Advising

This is where you can find out more about PSYC academic advising. Click the icon on the left to learn:

  • How to access our academic advisors (ie booking an appointment, email, etc)
  • When and how to declare your major
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Some helpful bookmarks

Pre-Requisite Course Map

A visual map that outlines what lower-level courses you can take before enrolling in upper-level PSYC courses. 

4- Year Plan

Sample undergraduate pathways for a BA in Psychology. Includes degree requirements, program requirements, & WQB courses. 

Tentative Course Offerings

A list of tentative future course offerings, helpful for planning ahead future semesters! Find it by scrolling down to the subheading: future course offerings

Academic Integrity

For important information regarding SFU's Academic Integrity policies.